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  1. I’m interested in the Allen + Roth Bristow 4-Light Track Light Kit – Best Long-Lasting Bristow Fixture, for my bathroom we are redoing. Cannot find if this is suitable for a bathroom….I really like this , but want to make sure. If not do you have anything else has to be put on the ceiling over the counter….

  2. I purchased a floor lamp from Lowes and it broke a couple of months after we had it. I took it back to Lowes and they would not do anything about it since I did not have the original receipt and that it was past 30 days anyway. The lamp was the one that has three separate hanging shades. it just came apart at the top. It looks like however it was attached was two thin and it couldn’t support its own weight. One minute it was standing there fine and the next it just let go and came apart. It must have had a defective weld or however it was attached. Lowes refused to replace it saying we were on our own to deal with it. I don’t know what else to do but to ask you for a replacement. Please contact me with what to do next.

  3. We purchased the Wyatt 3- light vanity fixture and I broke one of the glass shades when cleaning. Where can I buy replacement glass for this fixture? Lowes had no replacement and told me nothing they could do.

  4. Please contact me ASAP!!
    I purchased a chandelier, & 3 of the 4 lights only have 1/2 of the threads, so you cannot screw i light bulb. HELP!!

  5. Recently purchased the Wyatt 3- light vanity fixture and one of the glass globes broke as soon as we took it out. Where can I buy replacement glass for this fixture?
    Kammie Thompson

    • Hi Kammie, I too am looking for a replacement glass globe for an Allen Roth lighting fixture. Do you happen to have a contact number or email for the company?

    • I am interested in the Allen + Roth 4 light vanity light in brush nickel, but am concerned with the LED lights. Are the bulbs replaceable and how do you get to them? Do you have any diagrams of the interior design of the fixture?
      I anxiously anticipate your reply before I purchase.

  6. I have purchased a three light led fixture from Lowe’s in January or feb this year. Purchased at Lowe’s in short pump Virginia for my son. One light comes on sometimes and sometimes it flickers. How do I get replaced under warranty?

  7. Where can I get the glass for Allen Roth Latchbury #0810119? There was an unfortunate accident with one as we were moving into out new home.

  8. The Allen and Roth Lighting web site is the most useless, poorly designed, non-functional and irritating web site on the Internet today.

  9. Hello Amelie,
    I need a replacement glass globe for my Latchbury Table Lamp # 0805597.

    Broke one and can’t find it anywhere.
    Robert Lisko

  10. allen + roth Latchbury 5-Light Brushed Nickel Traditional Chandelier textured glass shades.
    One of the shades popped out and broke. I need to purchase one shade please.

  11. I’ve purchased 3 hanging light fixtures, model 0160867, which hang over our breakfast island. One of them has again burned out wiring where the wiring entered the actual light fixture.
    We like the fixture but cannot seem to find another replacement. I would appreciate it if you could let me know where, and if, this fixture is still being produced and where I might get one. If not, is there one that is similar. I have found nothing that even comes close at Lowe’s where we made the original purchase.
    I/we love the style but have been very dissatisfied with the performance over time.
    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  12. I recently purchased 2 of your lights from Lowe’s.
    Item # 615999.
    I love the design and would like to keep it.
    The decorative light bulb is very dim, can I put a higher watt light bulb in replacement of the 60 watt bulb? Please give me your recommendations for brighter lighting.

  13. Need a quote for 8 of your Allen Roth Pendants-#06159 I’am with
    Peninsular Electric Distributors in West Palm Beach,Florida

  14. My daughter bought a solar-powered lamp for $49.95 at Lowe’s last June and gave it to us for a house-warming gift. It will no longer work, and my daughter can’t find the receipt. When I plug in the cored and push the button to turn it on, the bulb flickers one time time and it will not light. Do you have a bulb replacement that I can try in it.

    The Model # is LW503014.
    At Lowe’s, the item # is 503014

    Help me know what to do to get it working.


    Hubert Morris, 3627 E. Sheffield Way, Springfield, MO 65802.
    Phone: (417) 818-9031

  15. Brett,

    I am looking for a light fixture for a customer.
    Item # IXM8403A.
    I am a ACE hardware dealer and was wondering if you sell direct to ACE? If you could please let me know what my options are.

    Thank you,
    Four Seasons Supply Center
    ACE# 4523

  16. I made a purchase at Lowe’s in Grandville, Michigan and I am looking for replacement globe’s for #0587003 3 light Pendant Vallymede. I have tried at the store and online somewhere and I am not finding them any at this time. Please let me know where to purchase them. Thank you for your help.

  17. One of the light globes in my new light fixture was broken. It is your Light #0597708, this is the number on the box. Lowes shows it as model no. 17831-002, their item # 591708.

  18. Hi Brett,
    I hope you can help me . I have a couple of Allen and Roth pendent light fixtures in the kitchen. We had a small disaster in the kitchen and the globes were broken. I was wondering if I had the model number if replacement globes were available? Please let me know and if possible how I go about ordering replacement shades.

    Thanks for your help

    Jane nichols
    [email protected]

  19. I purchased 2 mosaic sconces 357200 for bathroom and love the look of the light off but when I turn on mosaic penshell glass look brown/amber . Is there a special bulb needed to make it look more like it does when bulb is off

  20. I bought two of your stainless drop pendant lights. We have been doing some renos so its been a while and I finally hired an electrician to install them both over the island. Turns out there is a problem with the three lengths of metal. One of the lights has all three lengths the same. s/b two male and female and one both female ends. Would you be able to replace the one tube for me? It’s been about 6 months since we bought the lights and not sure if Lowes will return it for us.
    thanks for the help.


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