Allen And Roth Lighting Customer Service: How To Get Support?

Did you accidentally break one of the glass globes on your favorite Allen+Roth light fixture? Or did it come damaged in the package?

Let me guess. You are trying to get ahold of Allen and Roth lighting customer service?

Well, this story sounds familiar. I recently tried to get a replacement glass shade for my Bristow linear pendant light. To my surprise, I had a difficult time finding the right contact info

My search prompted me to publish an article on this site that’s dedicated to everything related to Allen+Roth lighting

Hopefully, it will save you some trouble and help you get the replacement parts you need. 

Contacting Allen Roth Lighting Customer Service 

The top few searches for Allen Roth customer service will direct you to this A+R customer support website

But don’t get your hopes up just yet because this contact page is for Allen Roth window treatments. It won’t help you with lighting

Fortunately, I found several places where people share their experience getting replacement parts for their Allen+Roth lights. I have gathered all the options below for you to try out

Lowe’s Website

Lowes Customer Care Tweet

Allen+Roth lighting doesn’t have its own official website. So, the next step is to look at Lowe’s contact page since they own the Allen+Roth brand.  

You can reach Lowe’s customer support via email, phone call, and even text if you don’t like being put on hold. 

Some customers report not getting replies to their email messages. This is not a surprise since Lowe’s is a huge company with a lot on their plate. 

Here is the contact info:

Email: [email protected]

Text: 1-704-313-1818

Phone: 1-800-445-6937

Lowe’s Product Q&A Section 

The contact info on Lowe’s website is not specifically for Allen+Roth lighting. So even if you call their customer care number, the customer service representative will probably redirect you elsewhere. 

So, why not cut out the middleman?

I went straight to the Q&A section of Allen Roth lighting fixtures on Lowe’s website. 

There, I found several answers instructing people to call Lowe’s Customer Care Department at 800-554-6504

One customer said she successfully ordered replacement globes for her Bristow kitchen island light via this number. You can read her review below.  

Review on successful alan roth customer service

She was also surprised by the quick response of the Allen Roth customer service. 

Review of quick response of the Allen Roth customer service

Most reviews about Allen Roth customer service are positive. But since they don’t make replacement parts for every fixture, it is expected to come across a few negative comments. 

Here is a review from a customer that couldn’t get a replacement shade for their Winsbrell 3-light vanity light.

Negative customer review of Allen+Roth

I recommend you check out the Q&A section for your Allen Roth light fixture. You will most likely find the part number you are looking for there, as well. 

The picture below provides the part and model number for the Allen+ Roth Vallymede 3-light vanity light. 

Allen+ Roth Vallymede 3-light vanity light

Amazon Customer Reviews

Some Amazon reviewers say their Allen Roth light fixture came with an instruction pamphlet on how to order replacement parts. 

It says that in the event you discover missing parts or receive a broken product, you should call 1-800-439-9800. It seems like Allen+Roth offers this service for most fixtures, except the Tiffany-style ones. 

This number is different from the one I found in Lowe’s Q&A section. Since it came with the product, it might be worth trying first

Other Options

If none of the above numbers work, I recommend you check out

They did a pretty good job of locating different Allen Roth customer service numbers. They have also provided the same contact number 1-800-439-9800 as the Amazon reviewers. 

The worst-case scenario is that none of these phone numbers work for you.

In this case, I advise you to check the instruction manual that came with the light fixture if you have not thrown it away yet. You may find some useful info there. 

Otherwise, you may have to go to your local Lowe’s store and ask a qualified worker to help you with your case. 

You can also order some of the non-glass replacement parts on Lowe’s website. Check them out!

Final Verdict

After all the research, it’s still not 100 percent clear what the best way to contact Allen and Roth lighting customer service is. 

People seem to have the most success with these two phone numbers:

  • 800-554-6504 – Lowe’s Customer Care Department 
  • 1-800-439-9800 – Allen+Roth Customer Service 

Don’t give up on repairing your pretty Allen + Roth light fixture just yet. One of the above-mentioned phone numbers might work for you too

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve been successful! Feel free to ask any questions and share your experience with my other readers.