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If you need to contact me for any reason, whether it be a question or a suggestion for a post then you can email me at  If you have any suggestions for roth lighting look here.

If you don’t want to email me you can just comment on any post and I will get back to you!

Thanks, Brett

4 thoughts on “Contact Me”

  1. Brett,

    I am looking for a light fixture for a customer.
    Item # IXM8403A.
    I am a ACE hardware dealer and was wondering if you sell direct to ACE? If you could please let me know what my options are.

    Thank you,
    Four Seasons Supply Center
    ACE# 4523

  2. My daughter bought a solar-powered lamp for $49.95 at Lowe’s last June and gave it to us for a house-warming gift. It will no longer work, and my daughter can’t find the receipt. When I plug in the cored and push the button to turn it on, the bulb flickers one time time and it will not light. Do you have a bulb replacement that I can try in it.

    The Model # is LW503014.
    At Lowe’s, the item # is 503014

    Help me know what to do to get it working.


    Hubert Morris, 3627 E. Sheffield Way, Springfield, MO 65802.
    Phone: (417) 818-9031

  3. Need a quote for 8 of your Allen Roth Pendants-#06159 I’am with
    Peninsular Electric Distributors in West Palm Beach,Florida

  4. I recently purchased 2 of your lights from Lowe’s.
    Item # 615999.
    I love the design and would like to keep it.
    The decorative light bulb is very dim, can I put a higher watt light bulb in replacement of the 60 watt bulb? Please give me your recommendations for brighter lighting.

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