Allen Roth Lighting – My Ultimate Guide!

Are you remodeling your home and you need some new ideas?  Well you have come to the right place.  Allen roth lighting fixtures have been some of my favorites for the past few years ever since I did my research and found what fixtures and lights suited me best.  I think after this blog post, allen roth with be your go to company also!

What is Allen Roth Lighting?

These lights are created by the company Allen+Roth.  They were formed in 1988, and they started primarily just with lighting.  Currently, they branch out and are in many different home improvement areas, but lighting is still my favorite category from them.

But these lights have been fine crafted with a modern feel that was refreshing the first time I found them.  The majority of these lamps and chandeliers are made and crafted with stainless steel aluminum that provides a modernistic feel that will fit in with nearly and style.

If you need more information I suggest you take a look at the other site of ours: This is our main website that contains plenty of useful information about all kinds of Allen+Roth products including lighting.

Planning Before Buying!

Allen Roth LightingWhen I talk to my friends about home improvement or even just shopping in general, I find that a huge amount of my friends are impulsive buyers.  They will literally buy a new lamp just because they like it, and not because they actually need a lamp.  Obviously, if you need new lamp then you should look for a lamp that you like, but that’s only if you need one!

So with this, I suggest that you do your research before purchasing an Allen Roth product.  So if you are browsing the Allen and Roth website, you shouldn’t fill up your shopping cart with all these different products if you haven’t provided any thought on if you are actually going to use the product or even if you need it at all.

Know The Correct Wattage!

When you are purchasing any lighting feature, you should definitely pay attention to the wattage.  Just like all lighting fixtures, allen and roth lights vary in wattage.  If you are looking for lights that will fully light up a room, and are good for cooking or studying, then you should look for a light that has at least 100 watts.  If you are looking for more mood lighting, or lower volume lights then you should look for lights that are under 50 watts so they don’t strain your eyes.

In the end I think Allen lighting is the way to go.  They come in a variety of different styles so they can fit in with any type of mood.  They also come in a variety of different ranges of wattage to make sure that they can fit in any setting.  Overall I think these are great lights and they will be great for anyone looking for a new lighting solution in their home.

4 thoughts on “Allen Roth Lighting – My Ultimate Guide!”

  1. Howdy! Would youu mind if I share your blog with my myspace group?
    There’s a lot of folks that I think would really enjoy your content.

    Please let me know. Thank you

  2. Just spent close to three hours in your mirrored maze called customer support. I had a damaged part for item number 0650116 for which she passed the buck, saying you do not carry the parts. she then transferred me to a number she did not give me (second mistake, first being passing the buck) That number had option 1 for ceiling lighting and fans for which there was no answer ( keep in mind I think I’ve been transferred to a chinese company) I hit zero to go back to the beginning and then selected option 3 about 25 times for which there was no response, what do I do? I wasn’t given the number or told what office it was. Had to hang up and start all over again. DO I HAVE A REASON TO BE ANGRY???
    Called AR again waiting 14 minutes and asked for a manager for which I waited five minutes, stewing in my anger juice and tried to explain to your manager my simple problem(a broken part) and how I was put into an impossible situation. Her response was to hang up on me, WHAT SHOULD MY RESPONSE BE NOW?
    By now I’ve had it with your so called company, I called Lowes and in less than five minutes a manager named Ben at the Raymore store solved my Problem.
    A hundred something for the lamp, paying an electrician two hundred to travel to my house and find out he couldn’t install it because item G (the strap) was broken, spending close to three hours dealing with your festering company and your non existing/pass the buck customer service. Your company’s customer service is a fiasco
    You have lost my business and Lowes has gained a loyal customer, one that will not buy any AR products. If you put your name on someone else’s product then YOUR name is front and center, you have a responsibility to provide satisfaction not pass the buck. AM I RIGHT?

    1. We are very sorry about your experience, Derwin
      Unfortunately, Allen+Roth is a Lowe’s brand and we cannot control its customer support. We are merely a personal blog.

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